29.10.2017 - Marion Fiedler & Band coming to Cologne!

Cologne, get ready! We are comin to town! Please share about our show, eg. with the help of this invitation, with your friends!   Cologne_Band

27.10.2017 - My new single ROLLING ON is out!

Guys! I am so excited!!! CHECK THIS OUT:
Release post with all links
You find the video premiere here!
Please share! And happy Friday! Marion
PS: special thanks to my team, my band, AND YOU. I love you guys!RollingOn_OutToday_Final

04.09.2017 - 3 B tour: Berlin, Baltic Sea, Belgium

This is so cool! I got asked back to the Baltic Sea, and to Belgium! I have played lots of cool shows along the way. For one beautiful gig in Lubeck (that’s at the Baltic Sea) I got asked to write a dedicated song for the event. I really like the new piece, but more importantly the crowd loved it! They were moved to tears. This moment left me so crazily touched, I cannot stop thinking about it, I am still feeling it… .
I have played and networked in Berlin in between my two tours as I received a scholarship – so thankful for all the precious input! I have attended many times before. I met crazy people, like the management of the Backstreet Boys and smart teachers active in all kinds of fields… what a month!


10.06.2017 - Tour in Belgium and along the Baltic Sea!

My tour was so beautiful! I want to thank all clubs and venues, and most of all my listeners for supporting me! I had a blast! Many hugs! Marion

23.05.2017 - New wedding song dedication: Forever-Kind-Of-Love !


I compose songs and pieces for couples that get married, for babies being born and for birthdays – if you want to get your own song please email me at marionfiedlerjazz@gmail.com

My whole heart is poured into this song! I hope I can touch you with my thoughts and the music! Please comment, share with your friends and loved ones, and subscribe if you like. That would mean a lot to me! Much love, to be exact “Forever-Kind-Of-Love”! Marion

06.05.2017 - Always take the road less traveled!

RoadLessTraveled_Hey guys. The path we want to go is never gonna be the one we have imagined. In any case, let’s believe in what the smart poets say – it is always best to take the road less traveled. I have covered Lauren Alaina’s song. I love the topic, the angle she takes with her songwriting. I love the energy. Let me know how you like my version by commenting below!

15.04.2017 - Sending you “unapologetical” bonfire vibes

23.03.2017 - New Youtube Video: A powerful love song

I love this song for its powerful way of playing with song quotations. And frankly, the way this love song resonates with me brings a smile to my face everytime I play it. Anyways. Listen for yourself, and if you like it, please share it on! Much love, Marion SongForAnotherTime_FINAL