27.10.2017 - My new single ROLLING ON is out!

Guys! I am so excited!!! CHECK THIS OUT:
Release post with all links
You find the video premiere here!
Please share! And happy Friday! Marion
PS: special thanks to my team, my band, AND YOU. I love you guys!RollingOn_OutToday_Final

04.09.2017 - 3 B tour: Berlin, Baltic Sea, Belgium

This is so cool! I got asked back to the Baltic Sea, and to Belgium! I have played lots of cool shows along the way. For one beautiful gig in Lubeck (that’s at the Baltic Sea) I got asked to write a dedicated song for the event. I really like the new piece, but more importantly the crowd loved it! They were moved to tears. This moment left me so crazily touched, I cannot stop thinking about it, I am still feeling it… .
I have played and networked in Berlin in between my two tours as I received a scholarship – so thankful for all the precious input! I have attended many times before. I met crazy people, like the management of the Backstreet Boys and smart teachers active in all kinds of fields… what a month!


10.06.2017 - Tour in Belgium and along the Baltic Sea!

My tour was so beautiful! I want to thank all clubs and venues, and most of all my listeners for supporting me! I had a blast! Many hugs! Marion

23.05.2017 - New wedding song dedication: Forever-Kind-Of-Love !


I compose songs and pieces for couples that get married, for babies being born and for birthdays – if you want to get your own song please email me at marionfiedlerjazz@gmail.com

My whole heart is poured into this song! I hope I can touch you with my thoughts and the music! Please comment, share with your friends and loved ones, and subscribe if you like. That would mean a lot to me! Much love, to be exact “Forever-Kind-Of-Love”! Marion

06.05.2017 - Always take the road less traveled!

RoadLessTraveled_Hey guys. The path we want to go is never gonna be the one we have imagined. In any case, let’s believe in what the smart poets say – it is always best to take the road less traveled. I have covered Lauren Alaina’s song. I love the topic, the angle she takes with her songwriting. I love the energy. Let me know how you like my version by commenting below!

15.04.2017 - Sending you “unapologetical” bonfire vibes

23.03.2017 - New Youtube Video: A powerful love song

I love this song for its powerful way of playing with song quotations. And frankly, the way this love song resonates with me brings a smile to my face everytime I play it. Anyways. Listen for yourself, and if you like it, please share it on! Much love, Marion SongForAnotherTime_FINAL

10.03.2017 - 9000 Thanks to my Facebook Clan!

So happy to have 9000 listeners and supporters on my Facebook page!!! Every single one of you guys means the world to me – I really appreciate that you believe in me and my music! I would love to give back to you and say thanks – do you have a wish? Email me at marionfiedlerjazz@gmail.com ! I am looking forward to your feedback! Hugs, Marion 9000_FB-Thanks

06.03.2017 - New Song IF YOU DREAM AND FOLLOW THROUGH is out!

My new song is out!! It is called IF YOU DREAM AND FOLLOW THROUGH and shares about how we all have a dream and should live it. I am asking my listeners to contribute a short video (more information here) and would love it if you participated! Email me at marionfiedlerjazz@gmail.com to find out more or to ask questions, I am looking forward to hear back from you! Sincerely, Marion MarionCapitolReef