04.06.2013 - We want to help the victims of the floods with our song

In Europe heavy floods are not only destroying cities and landmarks, they´re also bringing despair and uncertainty to people. We want to thank the many eager helpers with this song and bring hope to those who are still waiting for the water which is coming their way by heavy rain or in flooded river beds. We hope our song is gonna help to ease the pain of families and companies that are suffering from horrible losses.
I am praying that the flood is not gonna be as intense as in 2002 – which is what they announce on the news.
I want to thank all the helpers who supported us as a band and family by bringing our belongings and musical equipment to the attic. In 2002 our house was completely surrounded by a water too deep to walk in just so you get a picture … let´s hope it´s gonna be less this year please! PS: I wrote the song after working and helping with the preparations. It reflects what we are all thinking, waiting for the water to come, seeing the never-ceasing rain, … . I want to thank Martin Schmieder (Guitar) and Marcus Mundus (BGVs) for spontaneously producing it in my living room.
You can download our song for free