Can I Ride In
Your Backpack?

Wait for it - it´s gonna be worth it! The homepage of "Can I Ride In Your Backpack?" will come soon!

Marion Fiedler will launch a kind of project that has never existed before ...

“Can I Ride In Your Backpack?” is a collection of songs Marion wrote on her travels and tours. This campaign will allow for her music to, once again, play on the stage of reality. Lyrics written from her past experiences will rejoin the present. Only this time, the music will have new “travel escorts.” It will make its way through uncharted territory, without its author.

A few thousand physical CDs will be released into the hands of supporters. From there, they will be passed from hand to hand, from backpack to backpack. With each exchange, the new escort is welcome to download the songs and send a greeting back to Marion and her band, starting an open dialogue.

Upon the announcement of this project, Marion has already received tons of excited messages from fans, partners such as labels, sponsors and musicians, and press agencies! By growing her fan base, she stands to accomplish her mission of building a bridge to connect people from various backgrounds. For through music and faith, all walls can be breached. So please join Marion Fiedler for an adventure! We never know where the road will take us!

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